What We Offer

Dashboard Reporting

Provides a set of visualization tools, data analytics and web service interfaces that empower leaders at all levels by delivering information to support their decision making process.

Process Improvements

Enables customers to be more effective at strategic and tactical planning using the insights provided by decision-making tools. No matter what your needs, we deliver cost effective solutions that fit your business process.

System Integration

Synchronizes underlying transaction processing systems into an integrated solution that reduces the "stove piped" products and redundant inputs.

The Right Product

Command Leadership & Intelligence Solutions

Get an overview of the current status and health of the fleet. Through advanced performance monitoring metrics, a commander can quickly assess readiness, flying hour budget, personnel capacity & utilization, fleet configuration, aircraft availability. Allows command and control to input mission profile information and displays aircraft that are most available to perform the mission.

Maintenance Allocation & Planning

Single source for scheduling maintenance activity including long range maintenance plans, deployment schedules, training calendars, personnel training schedule, phase maintenance, facility and resource planning. Consolidating excel spreadsheets and project plans into a single source eliminates stove piped schedules and provides visibility across the enterprise. View of all maintenance activity and the current utilization rates. Included are daily status reporting, phase maintenance flow and capacity utilization.